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What do we do?

Resume Locker is a student-run business that hosts affordable and reliable e-portfolios. Having an e-portfolio in the modern era is extremely important not only for exposure, but also for prestige. Handing a paper resume to an employer is a thing of the past. Having an e-portfolio will allow you to send an employer your whole story with just one link. It looks great in an email signature!

  • Basic Plan
    Basic Plan
    Single page e-portfolio with uploadable resume, pictures, and a custom URL.
  • Plus Plan
    Plus Plan    
    Multiple page e-portfolio with uploadable resume, pictures, and a custom URL. Plus you get to support your local entrepreneurs!
  • Basic Plan
    Business Boost   
    $35 one-time
    This is a one-time payment that includes one month of Plus Plan in addition to 100 custom business cards shipped to your house! 

    (Currently unavailable)

TODO list

  • Expect these updates to come out shortly!

    Implement on-site conent editing

    Create Plus Plan example page

    Use email validation at signup

    Add on-site payment


    This service is managed by a single cyber operations sophomore at Augusta University. After creating my own e-portfolio and getting a job because of it, many friends asked if I could do the same for them. Hence this business.         


    Peter Browning
    Email me!
    Instagram: peterjbrowning
    P: (706) 306-7804


    When applying for a job, one will innately be competing against other applicants. Every edge that you have over your competitors counts. While most applicants may send a pdf of their CV, you sending a link to your own website e-portfolio will look much better and give you the edge.


    If you're seeing this, it means that this business is still getting started. Things will change frequently, and service may be slower. Please be patient!